Here is a step by step tutorial, which will explain to you how to stake Polkally (KALLY) on Unifarm:

Website link:


We are pleased to announce that we will be joining Unifarm Cohort 11 alongside Unifarm, OpenDefi, Idavoll, Ispolink, and Chromia! 🙌

Website link:

This event is the perfect opportunity for our most loyal supporters to HODL their KALLYs while accumulating them

Unifarm is a trusted protocol that has hosted dozens of reputable projects such as Kylin Network, Polygon, Reef, and Playcent; The TVL locked into their protocol recently exceeded $10M USD

Unifarm is…

Our Uniswap listing took place at the end of May so it is important to remind two things that should comfort investors in their long-term investment:

1° — The 300k USD worth of liquidity we brought to the Uniswap KALLY/ETH pool has been locked for 6 months, making any rug pull impossible! Code is law! 🤖

Corresponding Etherscan TX hash:

Click here to access real-time stats on UniCrypt

2° — Our team’s tokens have also been vested in the following way:

  • The first distribution of 2.5M KALLY on August 23th, 2021

  • A second distribution…

Polkally is very excited to announce a partnership with Rage.Fan, another project that is also related to NFTs but which is significantly different, being more oriented towards sports than art

The terms of this partnership include artistic and technological guidance as well as the cross-selling of exclusive NFTs on each project’s respective platform once the Polkally protocol is made available

“I am impressed by the passion that drives Satheesh, the Rafe.Fan founder. I can’t wait to see what our two teams can do together to take NFTs to the next level.” — Chloé Bigot, CEO of Polkally

“We are firm…

After a successful dual-IDO on Zeedo & Poolz, $KALLY is about to get listed on Uniswap! 🦄

Fake KALLYs are already circulating so do not be fooled, here is our official and only token address:


Listing time: May 25th at 16:00 UTC

Private sale & IDO participants will receive their tokens at the same time

We hope that many of you will buy KALLY tokens, which are needed to use our upcoming platform; Moreover, we have a partnership with one of the…

There is no need to beat around the bush any longer: the situation is dramatic and it is terrifying to see that once again, the institutions have manipulated the market to destroy the savings (and lives) of millions of retailers, with the sole purpose of making a profit

Even if this umpteenth fraud is disgusting, we chose to not waste time with the past and prefer to go ahead, knowing that blockchain will be the winner in the long run.. 😉

If the interest in our project has not decreased despite the correction, the Ethereum network fees have exploded, preventing…

Polkally is delighted to officially announce its partnership with next-gen DeFi protocol XFai, by joining their DLO (DEX Liquidity Oracle) program, a revolutionary DeFi oracle which instead of providing only data in the form of price feeds and triggering 3rd party contracts, also actively provides and manages token liquidity on Uniswap and similar DEXs

“We are very thrilled about this partnership and look forward to Polkally leveraging XFai’s arbitrage system to ensure a smooth trading experience for our investors.” — Chloé Bigot, CEO of Polkally

“We are excited to have partnered with Polkally to provide incentives for both XFai and…

Blockchain is an incredibly powerful technology that eliminates trusted third parties…

However, it is not always possible to delegate trust to the code and some decisions must be made by humans, to ensure the sustainability of the network(s)! 👨

To simply overcome this problem, while waiting for the deployment of our DAO, we decided to create a temporary entity: the Polkally Foundation

This foundation will bring together several entities of our ecosystem such as:

  • Our team members
  • Our strategic partners
  • Voluntary VCs that have invested in the project

After successfully raising $700k and announcing a dual-IDO scheduled for May 19th on Zeroswap (ZeeDO) and Poolz, Polkally is very proud to announce its incubation within EuraTechnologies, the leading accelerator for startups in France

Created in 2009, EuraTechnologies is the first French incubator and gas pedal, the third on a European scale, and extends over a digital hyper hub of 80,000 square meters! 🏢

With several innovation hubs, EuraTechnologies has several hundred entrepreneurs and startups, 30 partners, and a research lab specialized in e-commerce, and is also a partner of financial giants such as Amazon, PayPal, Stripe, Unity, IBM, and…

We love our community members and they love memes.. so it was evident to create a meme contest! ❤️

You have until May 17th, 2021 at 06:00 PM UTC to create as many funny memes as you want about Polkally! 👍

“To criticize people you have to know them, and to know them, you have to love them.” — Coluche

To participate, simply post your memes on Twitter using the #PolkallyMemeContest hashtag! 🐦

10 winners will share a pool of $500 worth of KALLY tokens and their memes may be added to our official Telegram group pack

We hope you…


Polkally is a P2P Marketplace for Creating and Selling NFTs on the Polkadot Network

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