13 years old making millions selling NFTs.

When it comes to making a living, Nyla Hayes has discovered the key to her success: selling her paintings in the form of NFTs.

An artist who was 13 when she started selling her work for NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, has become a multimillionaire. Each of Hayes’ portraits is a one-of-a-kind “non-fungible” work of art, such as an original song, movie, or artwork.

Drawings by the teen portray famous women, like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Lucille Ball. If someone wants to purchase one of Hayes’ creations, they may do so using bitcoin on the NFT website.

“I really enjoy painting ladies from all over the world because I really enjoy diverse cultures and different backgrounds,” the digital artist told NBC News Now anchor Savannah Sellers on Thursday, per the AP.

In her writing, Hayes refers to them as “long neckies.”

On of Hayes’ sketches stands out because of the elongated neck.

To this day, all 3,000 of Hayes’ photographs in her collection have an extended neck, a characteristic she attributes to her own youth.

Hayes was enamored with the Brontosaurus dinosaur as a child, so she coined a lovely moniker for them.

In the beginning, I didn’t sure what to call it. As a result, I just referred to them as “long neckies,” as she put it.

As a result of that, she was able to transform her artwork into a masterpiece.

In the beginning, she intended to combine two of her favorite things: a Brontosaurus and ladies. In order to highlight how lovely and strong women are, I thought of the brontosaurus as a symbol of it, too.”

“Long Neckie Lady” was sold on Instagram for $6,621.70 in March. And the previous month, she sold a drawing for $3,920.05.

If you’re wondering how he got started, here are some answers.

Latoya Hayes, Hayes’ mother, says she bought her daughter a smartphone when she was 9 because she “really took an interest in painting.”

My heart ached for her because I saw how much she cared about her work and wondered if there was any way I could help. As Latoya put it, “That’s precisely what I’m going to do.”

Hayes used to create her pictures on her smartphone and only reveal them to close relatives and friends until she started making a lot of money. When she first tried it, she was “nervous that others wouldn’t like it or think it was odd.”

Hayes and her mother decided to check into NFTs to see if it would be a lucrative industry for her after some encouragement from her uncle.

After hearing about NFTs, “I honestly didn’t know what they were,” she said. “But I’ve been wanting to put my work out there for a while, so it was a nice venue to do so,” she continued.

When Hayes became famous, what has her life been like since?

Those whose careers are being furthered by NFTs will be able to call Hayes their first “Artist-in-Residence” in 2021. For their artist-in-residence position, she developed a stunning series depicting Time’s “Women of the Year” cover images.

When she initially began selling NFTs, she had no idea how well her business would go.

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