🔥 900 million USD in NFT sales this August. New Record!

The impact of nonfungible tokens NFTs has been felt across the spheres of the Internet and the planet in general. Fairly, NFTs are somewhat new and new seeds take time to germinate but today is different.

NFTs set a new record this August with a whopping 897 million USD in sales. This new record should encourage artists, companies, startups, and everyone interested in digital arts to smoothly transit into the NFT space, or at least, think about it. 🤔

The growth of nonfungible tokens wasn't scaled by night. Last month, May, set its record with 255 million USD from sales also. The market proves to be in a bullish trend and the numbers do not lie.

Wu Blockchain reported earlier that the Chinese market for NFTs is growing with a massive appetite. Reporting that Cai Wensheng, inventor of smartphone software Meitu, purchased CyberPunk's 8236 for 125 ETH, about 387,000 USD

What is Polkally?

Polkally is a robust P2P auction platform for NFTs (non-fungible tokens) based on IPFS and several credible networks which makes it possible for anyone to trade art freely. The core value is providing a truly decentralized marketplace aimed at bridging technology and art enthusiasts together. Polkally is designed for NFT art trading.

To learn more visit Polkally NFT - https://www.polkally.com
Join the community on Telegram [EN] - https://t.me/polkally
Polkally on Medium - https://medium.com/@polkally
Contact Email: contact@polkally.com



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