Artists Can Now Remotely Display NFTs at the Web3 NYC Gallery.

2 min readJun 27, 2022


A new NFT gallery in Manhattan, New York City, is giving digital artists the opportunity to show and sell their NFTs in a physical art gallery without ever having to leave the country.

The ‘Web3 NYC Gallery’ has collaborated with NFT display pioneers Tokenframe to launch a collection of 300 Genesis NFTs. Only the owners of certain NFTs will be able to show their artwork in the gallery. Some will be able to show their work on a 10-inch Collector’s Club display, while others will be able to show it on a 21.5-inch Degen Club display or a 43-inch Alpha Club display.

Genesis NFT holders will not have to make any ongoing rent-like payments to have their NFTs displayed, as all they need to do is make a one-time payment for their Genesis NFT, with NFTs relating to 10-inch displays costing between 1.5 and 2 ETH, and NFTs relating to 21.5-inch displays costing between 5 and 10 ETH. The NFTs corresponding to the 43-inch screens will follow a different path, as they are being sold privately at undisclosed rates.

Genesis NFT holders will be able to use the software created by the Web3 NYC Gallery to select which of their digital artworks they want to display. They may do it from the comfort of their own home, regardless of whatever country or continent they are in.

For the time being, the only restriction for artists is that their NFT must be stored on the Ethereum blockchain; however, Tokenframe intends to introduce support for other blockchains such as Tezos and Solana in the future.

When it comes to in-store NFT purchases, QR codes will be used to trigger the transaction, with tech-savvy colleagues on hand to assist clients in setting up a wallet and learning about the basic process of purchasing and maintaining NFTs.

Web3 NYC Gallery, located at 510 5th Avenue in Manhattan, opened its doors on June 15th for digital art fans in and around the New York region.

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