Chevy’s 🏎️ new NFT includes a genuine Corvette for the highest bidder.

According to The Verge, there’s a new NFT on the market that’s guaranteed to fetch a high price. Chevrolet is planning to auction off a fresh new NFT with a one-of-a-kind green Corvette.

Nick Sullo made the incredibly amazing artwork, which depicts the bright green automobile skidding across blue and pink city backstreets. While the artwork is beautiful, it is only a digital asset. However, the winning bidder for this NFT will also receive the genuine physical automobile, making it appear to be one of NFT auctions we’ve ever seen.

The Corvette for sale is a Z06 in “minted green,” a homage to how NFTs are manufactured, but it is obviously more on the limey side of the spectrum. The real car is being painted to match the NFT artwork and will be the first Z06 ever painted in this color.

It will also be linked to the NFT auction through a code, thus the automobile and digital version will always be linked.

Despite the fact that both luxury automobiles and NFTs make people squirm, they appear to be a good match. The ability to charge a premium for a one-of-a-kind tangible object that is digitally recorded makes more reason than an NFT on its own. It’s similar to a digital keychain for your automobile. Another method to show off your wealth when your automobile is unable to do it in person.

On that topic, Chevy has said that all earnings from the NFT auction would be donated to charity. The funds will be donated to DonorsChoose, a non-profit organization in the United States that assists underfunded public schools. It’s difficult to reconcile one individual purchasing a digital asset with artificial scarcity when a charity like this exists, but at least some of that money is going to a good cause.

Most NFT sales will only take bids in Ethereum, which has yet to abandon GPU crypto mining.

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