📀 Entertainment Publishing Moguls take on NFTs

3 min readMar 7, 2022


🎬 ChartStars is a collection of artist-focused digital artwork that celebrates significant successes and milestones on the Billboard charts and other music charts. It will be available on the Flow blockchain before the end of May.

Billboard, the behemoth of the entertainment publishing industry, has teamed up with Universal Music Group, the titan of the music entertainment industry, to launch ChartStars, a new NFT project that will be available on the Flow blockchain starting in May. ChartStars is a collection of curated digital collectibles that will be available on the Flow blockchain starting in May.

A new collection of "artist-focused digital artwork" will be released this week to honor a range of milestones and significant events in the history of the Billboard Charts, according to an announcement made earlier this week by Billboard. Because they are multi-media in nature, the collectibles exemplify the idea that everything may be transformed into an NFT. "Non-fungible token" and creative works, such as brief visual excerpts from music videos and album photos, will be showcased on sites such as ChartStars, among other things.

Collector leaderboards, challenges, and actual values embedded into smart contracts, as well as privileged access to Billboard Live Events, were among the features announced by Billboard in its introduction of the Flow blockchain platform.

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According to the announcement, Universal Music Group will sift through its roster of artists and labels to commemorate Billboard chart achievements for songs that debuted on Billboard's Top 25 as well as other influential chart-related successes, such as the length of time a song spends on the chart, the number of songs that are on the chart at the same time, and historic chart records, among other things.

According to the statement, Billboard is collaborating with the non-fungible token (NFT) platform Unblocked, which is supported by Dapper Labs, to enable ChartStars to accept credit card payments.

As Billboard President Julian Holguin put it, "For the first time, music fans will now have the option to be permanently tied to their favorite musicians by sharing ownership of a moment in time." "With the spectacular design, these digital artifacts will recognize and remember significant chart milestones," he explained.

Music fans who sign up for ChartStars will have the option to compete for "real-life" rewards in addition to being tied to their favorite performers, according to Holguin, adding a layer of gamification to the site.🎮

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