NFT Plazas partners with the upcoming Vibrant NFT Art Exhibition.

NFT Plazas, as always, has its finger on the pulse of all-things hip in CryptoArt, and as such, one of the most anticipated art events, Vibrant — an NFT art show that promises to give a fresh perspective on the digital art world.

The next exhibition will not only feature flawless artworks, but it will also be a sensual and creative experience in and of itself. The event will include curated immersive experiences in a conceptual museum, with the NFTs on show intertwined with diverse media like as mapping, lighting, and screens.

Vibrant is inviting artists from across the world to display their work. The number of applicants was startling when the request for the show was released, therefore the organization decided to extend the initial deadline of May 30 until June 10.

Those chosen for the curatorship will receive an exhibition slot during the event’s two days, as well as the opportunity to participate in a mentoring process in which specialists from various fields will assist the artist in the creative process, dissemination, and marketing of his or her collection.

Ludo, the French artist and creator of BTC Flowers, and Poked Studio, a Cardiff-based design business that will show its cute range of Poked Bots, are among the famous artists that will participate in Vibrant.

What, when, and where

Vibrant will hold its maiden edition on June 24 and 25 at the Castagnino Museum in Rosario, Argentina. This is one of the country’s most iconic museums. On both days, the exhibition will be open from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m.

The event will feature professional speakers on a variety of themes, including blockchain technology, the metaverse, cryptocurrencies, the future of NFTs, digital art production, and more.

Vibrant’s mission is to introduce the general public to a new way of making and interpreting art, as well as to foster a conversation between the producers and people that comprise this movement in order to stimulate new cultural expressions.

Those in Charge

The event is organized by artists and producers from the region, with the help of media partners such as NFT Plazas, and in collaboration with connected firms and initiatives such as the local exchange and the Catalyze project, a Web3 Discord alternative for community involvement and growth.

Vibrant is also made possible by the DFINITY Foundation’s Community Awards program, an institution that has been working for years on the public blockchain network platform, Internet Computer, created to establish a paradigm of decentralization.

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