Polkally (KALLY) will be listed on BiKi Exchange! 🔸

We are very pleased to announce BiKi as the first Centralized Exchange platform that will list Polkally (KALLY)

  • 28 Jun, 06:00 AM UTC — KALLY Deposits Activated
  • 28 Jun, 12:00 PM UTC —KALLY/USDT Pair Available for Trading
  • 29 Jun, 10:00 AM UTC — KALLY Withdrawals Activated

With nearly 2.5M visits per month according to SimilarWeb, 30k Twitter followers, nearly 1B USD in daily volume, an 8/10 Trust Score, efficient customer support, native Android & iOS apps, a user-friendly & ergonomic interface as well as low fees, this is the perfect place to welcome our token and drive volume to KALLY while allowing more retailers to buy it without spending a fortune on GAS

“With the recent surge of NFT marketplaces, Polkally is well-positioned thanks to its various competitive advantages and especially its interoperability; We are excited about this listing partnership and making the real value of KALLY accessible to BiKi users.” — Ethan Ng, BiKi CEO

👉 Make sure to join their official Telegram group if you have any questions: https://t.me/BikiEnglish

We will bring significant liquidity to this new trading pair and are working closely with our MM (Market Making) partner to ensure an optimal trading experience with the lowest possible spread

According to CoinGecko, BiKi is the 29th largest Centralized Exchange in the industry

Please note that we will probably create a second trading pair (then maybe a third one) on BiKi in a few weeks; Moreover, an additional CEX listing is expected to take place during July, more information will be available soon on our Medium, Twitter, and Telegram accounts so make sure to follow us everywhere! 😉

We wish you all a great weekend, thank you for the support, and happy trading! 😊

About Polkally

Polkally is a P2P auction platform for NFTs, powered by Substrate & IPFS

Our goal is to build the most interoperable and user-friendly marketplace ever, allowing artists and everyday people to unleash the true power of virtual artworks

The project was launched in mid-February 2021 and is still under development

Website | Deck | Telegram ANN | Telegram Group | Twitter | YouTube

About BiKi

Headquartered in Singapore, BiKi is a centralized exchange that provides a digital assets platform for trading several hundred cryptocurrencies

It aims to provide the safest, most stable, and most effective cryptocurrency trading platform

Website | Telegram ANN | Telegram Group | Medium | Facebook | Twitter



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World’s leading cross-chain & user-friendly NFT marketplace. Polkally is reinventing the way people interact with art.