RadioShack Is Resurrected as a Web3 Brand.

Just when we thought the 2022 crypto timetable couldn’t get much weirder, RadioShack, a defunct American computer shop, has been reborn on Twitter as a satirical Web3 brand. The once-loved electronics retailer has been reborn as a bitcoin exchange, rather than a one-stop shop for batteries, computer connections, and remote-control toys.

RadioShack has been a Web3 firm for a few years now (don’t worry, this isn’t a Mandela effect), owing to the efforts of entrepreneur investors Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez.

The RadioShack Twitter, allegedly driven by influential NFT collector fxnction, has recently gone on a rant, ridiculing NFT traders, calling out other defunct companies, and engaging in funny (and occasionally profane) back and forths with members of the NFT community. However, it appears that the prank was mostly intended to attract the attention of the larger NFT ecosystem, as RadioShack seeks to compete with other crypto swaps and exchanges during a down market.

Whether it was a stunt or not, after it was revealed that fxnction was behind RadioShack’s snarkiness, many other major NFT celebrities joined in on the prank, providing some (perhaps much-needed) blockchain comedic relief. Although it remains to be seen if RadioShack will continue to be a popular issue, the fact that a classic brand has converted into a fully-fledged Web3 company is simply amazing.

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