You can now sign up for Polkally private beta! ✨

2 min readOct 16, 2021


The moment you have all been waiting for is finally here: after more than 8 months of IT development and hard work, the private beta of Polkally is finally here! 🤩🚀🔥

This private beta (based on testnet) will be available from early Q1 2022 to late Q1 2022 and is open to all community members.

👉 Participants of the beta will be rewarded with KALLY tokens every time they find a bug or a glitch.

📝 Registration form:

We hope that many of you will join this beta & express your feedback! 💜

About Polkally

Polkally is a P2P auction platform for NFTs, powered by EVM-based blockchains & IPFS

Our goal is to build the most interoperable and user-friendly marketplace ever, allowing artists and everyday people to unleash the true power of virtual artworks

The project was launched in mid-February 2021 and is still under development

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World’s leading cross-chain & user-friendly NFT marketplace. Polkally is reinventing the way people interact with art.