📟 The final Proof-of-Work block for Ethereum has just been NFT-minted.

Anyone may own the final chapter of Ethereum’s history as a proof-of-work blockchain thanks to an NFT initiative dubbed VanityBlocks.

This morning, the final proof-of-work (PoW) block for Ethereum was transformed into artwork. Etherscan claims that the last entry in the PoW ledger for the network consists just of a VanityBlock NFT.

After obtaining money from investors, the NFT’s founders spent 30 Ethereum (or around $50,000) to manufacture the token early on Thursday. There are no more transactions that can fit in the block, which has the identifier 15537393, since it exceeds Ethereum’s block gas limit or maximum block size.

The “The Last POW Block” NFT is up for auction and has already received a bid of 10 ETH, which is equal to $16,118.10 at the current exchange rate.

In addition to being a genuine piece of blockchain history, block 15537393 also marks a significant day for Ethereum. The network received a general revamping today known as the merging. The improved network will switch to proof-of-stake consensus instead of the PoW approach (PoS).

Ethereum’s second version is anticipated to address a number of significant problems, including energy usage, as well as set the framework for further scaling advancements.

MonkeyOnTheLoose, claimed that VanityBlocks began around a year ago and that it came up while “smoking dope and speaking with buddies on Whatsapp.”

There were supposed to be a lot more VanityBlocks, according the website. The initial plan was to release a collection of 50 to 100 pieces, followed by 200 NFTs annually. According to the creator, they ultimately succeeded in completing 17 blocks before 15537393.

VanityBlocks first sought blocks with “beautiful numbers,” such as blocks 14114114, 14360063, and 14401440, in addition to spending a lot of money on gas.

The procedure of obtaining 15537393, however, was more difficult. “For over a month, we labored nonstop only to obtain this one block. 15% were the odds against us getting it.

He explains, “We tried to work with the large miners, but we had to create bespoke programming.” “Our most significant partnership was with bloXroute (who allowed us to utilize their technology and generate money to mint it),” the author said.

The VanityBlocks strategies will advance with time as well. The team is searching for artists to comb over the photographs and transform them into aesthetically stunning metaverse-compatible artworks because the existing artwork that can be viewed online.

When asked which NFT stars they were eyeing, MonkeyOnTheLoose said, “Pak or mbsjq,” adding, “Perhaps they’ll stop ghosting now that we done something huge.”

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